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Undercover Security Guards

Undercover Security Guard for Hire

Read more about hiring a plain clothed undercover security guard in Grand Rapids, MI.

While we are most known for our uniformed security officers due to their easy recognition, we offer a type of officer that people may be less familiar with, an undercover security guard. Chances are you have been to venues and events that have one of our undercover security guards.  Read more below to learn about hiring an undercover security guard in Grand Rapids.

In some cases, security needs to be handled in a less noticeable way, which is why we offer  undercover security guards. Depending on several factors, a security officer in plain clothes may be more suitable than our uniformed security guards for hire.


Hiring an undercover security guard is highly effective by adding professional security in a discreet manner. An undercover security guard can assist with loss prevention, thefts, terrorism, threats, internal investigations and threat mitigation.

Plain clothes officers can also work in conjunction with uniformed security guards for event guard services, crowd control, undercover operations and retail security. Both officers are trained to work together without anyone knowing.

Undercover operations are done at residential and commercial properties, educational facilities, events, government functions, retail stores, nursing and retirement homes, medical facilities, site security, corporations and more. Executive protection for celebrities, government officials and other VIPs are also other common client that use this service.

This type of work requires the expertize and experience that you have come to trust from Charlesbrook Protection Services.  Contact Charlesbrook Protection Services in Grand Rapids, MI at (616) 238-0820 to learn more about hiring a professional undercover security guard.