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Custom Security Plans

Custom Security Plans

Security officers work in diverse environments with such a broad spectrum of duties and responsibilities. With a one size fits all approach, you will not receive the top quality of service you deserve.  While our officers are the most noticeable portion of service, there is so much more that goes into us setting up security for our clients.  Our security services are specific for your industry and facility. No two security plans are alike.  Our complete approach is why we are a top security company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We provide customized security solutions to meet your needs.  Different industries have different needs. That is why we work with you to develop a plan that best suits your specific needs.

Custom Security Plans

After understanding what your security concerns are we begin our planning and analysis.  We will provide  you with a highly trained officer, best suited for your environment. This officer then takes a proactive approach to implement and continue to expand your security program.

Charlesbrook Protection Services offers several different uniforms depending on your needs and preferences. We offer a traditional uniform that resembles what a law enforcement officer would wear. This gives a strong presence. We offer a soft uniform that includes a custom polo and dress slacks. The soft uniform provides a professional, yet approachable look.  

We also offer an executive uniform. This is a full suit with identifiable security markings. This is most commonly used in meet and greets and executive protection details. This allows us to give you a specific, top quality, professional security program that will provide you with the maximum standards in the security and protection industry.

Security Services That Meet Your Unique Needs

We provide customized security solutions to meet your needs. Different industries have different needs. That is why we work with you to develop a plan that best suits your specific needs and wants. We provide all this while creating and maintaining a safe and enjoyable workplace.

A Local Company That Knows The Area

Most of our staff are lifelong West Michigan / Grand Rapids residents.  Our CEO has worked in local law enforcement as well as many other criminal justice fields.  Due to this, we are able to accurately access the area your business is located in. Knowing the area is a critical step in determining your needs. Different locations of Western Michigan have different threat levels. This needs to  be considered when creating a plan. Being a local company provides us a great advantage.