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Uniformed Officers

Uniformed Security Guards for Hire Grand Rapids, MI

Rest assured that with the uniformed security guards for hire from Charlesbrook Protection Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you and your assets are in good hands. Whenever you need security guard services, our company is here for you. Our uniformed security guards for hire are available in West Michigan.

Our Security Guards for Hire  Are Available To:

Arenas | Concerts | Schools | Construction Sites | Restaurants | Festivals | Corporate Security | Community Events | Neighborhood Associations | VIP Events | Conventions | Malls | Airports | Weddings | Private Events | Public Events | Businesses

We are an established company that only hires top quality Security Guards.   Employees and customers will have complete peace of mind with our security officers. We do our job, so you can do yours.  

Hiring a security guard from Charlesbrook Protection Services shows your customers and staff that you are concerned about their wellbeing  and are willing to take proactive steps to protect them.  A uniformed security guard is an excellent crime deterrent, not only in a retail loss prevention setting but all types of settings. Uniformed security guards send a strong message to potential criminals that you are serious about your safety.

Our security guards are trained and experienced, allowing them to know what to look for and how to properly react to a security threat.   Charlesbrook Protection Service's uniformed security guards for hire can also be customer services ambassadors. Our guards may be at a front desk or act to control access to an area. They can help people find products and help them get to the correct area in your business. We can be available as escorts for customers and employees getting to and from their vehicles and much more. Hiring our personable and capable officers lets you communicate that your business is secure and customer-oriented.

security guards for hire Grand Rapids 

Security Guards Protecting Grand Rapids, MI

Charlesbrook Protection Services - Read below to see the steps we take to ensure we maintain a top level of service.  

Training Our Employees

Before we hire our officers, each of them must undergo a comprehensive hiring process that is more rigid than most law enforcement agencies.

Our CEO has an extensive background in training law enforcement. This allows him to give Charlesbrook Protection Service's security guards similar training that law enforcement officers receive.  This includes skill based training, updates on changing laws, the latest technology and more.

On many job sites, our security officers have contact with your employees and customers. It is important that we represent all companies we are associated with well.  It is our experienced, skilled, personable guards that makes Charlesbrook Protection Services different from other companies nationwide and in Grand Rapids, MI.  See why we are a top security guard company. Contact us today for a free quote.