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About Charlesbrook Protection Services 

When you are looking for security guard companies in Michigan, turn to Charlesbrook Protection Services. At Charlesbrook Protection Services, providing excellent private security is our mission. We have a very clear business focus. Charlesbrook is committed to providing superior guard services. In alignment with this commitment, we do not divert our attention by providing investigative or other extraneous services. 

To help ensure we provide only high-quality security guard services, each of our officers must have unwavering integrity, excellent customer service and strong personal values.

Charlesbrook Protection Services has provided security for over 60 clients throughout Michigan. 

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Charlesbrook Protection Services, Owner

The owner of Charlesbrook Protection Services is an honorable man with high standards; anything less than 100% is unacceptable to him. He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and still resides here. Active in the community, he is proud to own a business in Grand Rapids MI.  He has a degree in criminal justice and graduated from a Michigan Certified Police Academy. His background includes experience in numerous aspects of the criminal justice system.  He is a retired law enforcement officer. During his tenure, he received numerous awards and promotions. 


Aside from being skilled, he believes security officers should be friendly, professional, well dressed and have excellent communication skills.  

Exemplary Security Employee

One of our most esteemed employees at our security guard company is Captain Del. He is a great example of the type of leadership you will find within our company, he is always willing to take on more responsibilities and is consistently looking for ways to improve the safety of our clients.

Captain Del's Credentials

Captain Del was a law enforcement officer for more than 27 years, including a former S.W.A.T. team leader. He was assigned to a special weapons and tactics team for 18 years, has also had previous covert investigative duties and international security assignments. In addition, he has more than 25 years of experience in mixed martial arts and various weapon disciplines. For more than 20 years, Mr. Del has been an instructor and guest speaker for various units and organizations throughout the world, including:

United States Army Special Forces | S.W.A.T. Units | Private Security Companies | Police Departments

Mr. Delia

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