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Online Employee Background Checks

Pre-Employment Screenings

We provide online employee background checks for landlords, employers, and more. Hiring the wrong individual can have extremely negative consequences.

Online Pre-Employment Background Checks

Per the Small Business Association, "We all know the negative consequences of making the wrong hire – it can lower your team’s morale, hinder productivity, and even impact customer relations. But did you know that the cost of replacing an experienced worker who doesn’t work out can cost 50 percent or more of that individual’s salary, and these costs go up if the employee has specialized skills such as nursing (Source: AARP)." This is why an online background check is so important. You don't want just any pre-employment background check, you want the best background check.

There are many choice when selecting a program or company to conduct pre-employment background checks. Most scan a small amount of databases, once the inital infomation is found the search is complete. Our experts scan 1000's of investigative databases. They then compile the most accuate and relavent informatin for all of your pre-employment needs. 

It's better to be safe than sorry when hiring new employees: You probably have invested a lot into your business, so why not invest a little more into knowing who is working for you. Hiring someone who is not the greatest fit is minor in comparison to hiring someone who is dishonest or has a past that is not in line with your company standards and values.

Many background companies are not qualified to do the task, and some online pre-employment background checks are very inexpensive and do not provide adequate information to make a proper selection in hiring a new employee, or a landlord finding a new tenant. Our Background Checks / Pre-employment screenings are the most accurate, up to date, and extensive background checks available.

Names, alias, social security numbers Bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens, judgments
Current and historical addresses Phone numbers (listed and unlisted), landlines, cells
Relatives, neighbors, and associates Current & previous employees, officers, and directors
E-mail addresses and social networks Licenses including professional, driver's, and more
Assets Assets including property, vehicles and more
UCC filings • Criminal history

According to HireRight's 2015 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, nearly three-quarters of all small businesses are now conducting background checks on potential hires.

Not doing this could subject your organization to a negligent hiring lawsuit by any worker or customer who's been hurt by a violent employee.  Courts have ruled that a business has a "duty of care" to protect workers, customers, and clients from injury caused by an unfit employee who an employer knew (or reasonably could have been expected to know) posed a risk.

Let our experts take the pre-employment guess work out of it for you. We provide the most accurate, actionable information that can be used for identity authentication, fraud prevention and detection, legislative compliance, and debt recovery.  Our pre-employment screenings can provide the following information and more.

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